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  • Tom Dowdy
    commented 2017-06-05 18:12:47 -0500
    I am happy to inform you that the Convention of States Project Texas has been successful in our efforts to get the Texas Legislature to pass our resolution SJR2. On May 4th Texas became the 11th State to apply for an Article V Convention of States to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution that will Reign in the Power of the Federal Government, Reign in the Jurisdiction of the Federal Government and will impose Term Limits on Elected and Non Elected Officials of the Federal Government.

    I would be honored to provide The Log Cabin Republican’s of Dallas with a presentation of Convention of States Project Texas. The presentation time is approximately 20 minutes plus time for Q and A. In this presentation I will cover exactly what The Convention of States Project Texas is, and how we have accomplished the near impossible in just 3 1/2 years. Many in the Texas Legislature said we could not possibly get our resolution passed for at least 3 to 4 legislative session if at all. We did it within our second legislative session while growing our grass roots from 19,000 at the end of the 84th legislative session to a powerful 126,000 plus supporters and volunteers by the end of the 85th legislative session. Along with adding the support of Gov. Greg Abbott on January 8th 2016 then passing the Texas Senate 20 to 11 February 28th, and the Texas House with over 80 Sponsors of our resolution and a vote of 94 to 51 on May 4th. Just this last Saturday June 3rd. we celebrated our victory with Governor Abbot at the Governor’s Mansion in Austin.

    Our story is truly remarkable and one that is now the envy of many grassroots organizations across our state as well as our nation.

    Tom Dowdy
    Convention of States Texas
    Coalitions Director Texas